Obstetric & Gynaecology Malaysia


Gynaecology Services:

Abnormal uterine bleeding

Pelvic pain and period pain

Abnormal vaginal discharge, vulva pain and vulva itchiness

Uterine fibroid, ovarian cyst and endometriosis

Uterine prolapse and female urinary incontinence (ring pessary cost~RM350)

Sexual disorder and painful sex

Hysteroscopy (estimated cost in Assunta from RM5000)

Cystectomy for ovarian cyst (cost in Assunta from RM8000)

Myomectomy (estimated cost in Assunta from RM 12000)

Vaginal repair or labial surgery (cost in Assunta from RM4000)

Hysterectomy (estimated cost in Assunta from RM 12000)

Obstetric Services:

Pre-pregnancy counselling including subfertility investigations

Antenatal care 

Down syndrome screening including non invasive prenatal test

Mid trimester morphology or structural ultrasound scan

Ultrasound for fetal growth and umbilical artery Doppler

3D/4D ultrasound-for existing patient only

Vaginal birth

Caesarean birth

Post partum care

D&C for miscarriage (estimated cost in Assunta from RM3500)

Medical management for miscarriage (estimated cost in Assunta from RM2500)