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People commonly use over the counter (OTC) medicines to treat fever, cough and cold, allergies, skin rashes or hives, diarrhea, constipation or heartburn

If fever, body temperature >37.6^C, pregnant women can take Paracetamol or Panadol 1000mg every 6 to 8 hours. Consider shower to help bring the body temperature down. Remember to drink more water for adequate hydration.

If dry cough, a cough suppressant such as pholcodine or dextromethorphan 10mls 3 times a day is safe short term relief. The herbal liquid preparation available eg. Prospan or Pei Pa Ko is safe. Sipping warm water sometimes can soothe the irritable throat.

If cold, running nose or skin rashes, take sedative anti histamine like Chlorphenamine 4mg 3 times a day or Ceftirizine 10mg at night. Non sedative anti histamine is Loratidine 10mg on morning.

If sore throat, Strepsil lozenges every 2 hour, honey lemon tea or gargle frequently with salt water.

If skin itchiness with redness, can use Ezzera non steroidal anti itch cream. If the itchiness still not resolved, can try apply sparingly mild steroid cream with anti fungal eg Candacort, Xaricort or Econazine ointment.

If diarrhoea, try to take Ultracarbon=charcoal tablets or Smecta sachet with each looses stool. To drink more water with ORS=Oral Rehydration Salt, or drink 100 Plus to prevent excessive loss of potassium salt.

If constipation, try Total Fiber sachet, Forlax sachet or syrup Duphalac=Lactulose 10mls 3 times a day

If vomiting can take Metoclopramide 10mg 3x a day.

If you have heartburn or gastric reflux, Gaviscon 10mls with each meal can be safely use for a week with effort to reduce the amount of the meal and stay sit up at least an hour after meal.

If giddiness means likely not drinking enough water or too rapid change of position.  Please drink more water and lie down sideways and rest over it in dimmed room.

If body ache or back pain, try apply ice pack, warm pack. Can try to apply Counter-pain(salicylic acid) gel or Salon Pas patch or YokoYoko rub or Polar Frost or Tiger Balm ointment on tender area. Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) is safe to treat pain, but regular use for more than a day justify a visit to your obstetrician.

All medication above are safe if no allergy.  NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) are a group of pain killer medicines that includes mefenamic acid, ibuprofen and naproxen. Taking NSAIDs in the last 3 months of pregnancy could harm your baby or cause problems during labour.

Important to let your obsterician know about these symptoms as these could be symptoms of a serious problem in pregnancy.

Covid infection is not know to cause harm to baby's development except that high fever can trigger preterm birth. Its imperative that if your Covid symptoms are mild, to rest at home and drink more clean water.