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Importance of Good Immunity

Your immunity is the best and final solid defense for any viral or bacterial infection.

Wearing proper face masks, hand washing, social distancing and avoiding crowds are great preventive measures, in addition is the importance to build up our own body immunity.

First, you must get enough sleep, at least 7-9 hours of sleep. Those who frequently sleep less than 7 hours a day will expose themselves to a lowered immunity against infection. Taking a warm shower before bedtime can helps in your sleeping routine.

Second, you need to drink adequate water for proper hydration to ensure your cells are functioning well, of at least 50mls x body weight in kilogram and practice to go toilet to pass urine 2-4 hourly.

Third, you must eat well. Eat nourishing food especially plant based for natural vitamin and healthy proteins example eggs, fish, nuts, legums, lentils, beans which provide the building blocks to produce antibodies. You must control your sugar intake and highly processed delicious food strictly as ingesting excess refined sugar can lead to insulin resistance and poor function of our white blood immunity cells. Therefore, you need to practice mindful eating and adhere to the traditional advice of eating only till you are 70% full and practice drinking a glass of water before each meal.

Fourth, the viruses tend to propagate faster in the cold winter. Some experts found adequate sun exposure helps to increase vitamin D to prime your immunity. There are researches done that show that the intake of oral vitamin D supplements during winter months can reduce respiratory tract infections. Since most women work at home and shun the sun due to skin ageing effect of UV light, it’s advisable to consume vitamin D3 800unit regularly with oily food as vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin.

Fifth, in order to avoid upper respiratory tract infection, it’s advisable to rinse and gargle your mouth when you return home after outdoor visits in in addition to wash hands.

This advice is initiated and adapted to Malaysian pregnant women from a translated practical advice given by Dr. Zhong Nanshan, a 84 years old, western trained China Chest Physician and among China's leading advisor in managing the crisis on Covid-19.

Lastly my personal advice, it’s fine to receive hugs for comfort but try to minimize kissing. The good news that Covid viruses unlikely to transmit through sexual intercourse, so continue to enjoy your intimacy unless advised against so by your obstetrician for your pregnancy issues. Its wonderful to look at the bright side and count your blessings from God to maintain a positive mindset throughout your pregnancy.